You may also send contributions via mail to: GIST Cancer Research Fund 55 Saw Mill Road New City, NY 10956

Making Donations in Memory of Loved Ones

Thank you for considering a donation to the GIST Cancer Research Fund. The GIST Cancer Research Fund, has provided GIST cancer research grants to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute (Harvard University) in Boston, MA, the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia, PA, the University of Pittsburgh, PA, The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, NY and the Oregon Health Sciences University Cancer Institute in Portland, OR. One hundred percent (100%) of all the funds raised have and will continue to go directly for research on GIST cancer, under the advisement of Dr. Ephraim Caspar, GCRF's chief medical advisor.

  • To create funding to support research which is vital to the long-term survival of those coping with GIST.
  • To provide patients and practitioners with more data on GIST.
  • To provide information about GIST to the international community.
  • To influence the U.S. Legislature in implementing policies towards coverage of oral drugs.
  • To work side-by-side with medical facilities, creating GIST tumor tissue banks locally and internationally.
  • To provide support for patients and families coping with GIST.
  • To fund further research that creates methods of early detection for GIST.

More information on GIST in our patient area. If you wish to donate in memory of someone, simply send us an e-mail from the contact us page and we will note the memorial in our records and publications. If you wish, we will place a tribute page on this site.  Memorial information can be sent to  Thank you again for your kind support! All contributions are tax deductible (tax ID#13-4182988)