Support by GCRF

The support by GCRF is absolutely critical for our goal to understand the precise mode of action of Gleevec. This knowledge is important for two reasons: first, to develop innovative strategies to make Gleevec more effective and to achieve more long term remissions and second, to avoid and overcome Gleevec resistance. We have made progress towards this goal in the past three years by identifying a novel player in the tumor cell response to Gleevec and we are currently exploring the molecular details in greater detail. We are also looking into the possibility to modulate the levels of this protein in GIST cells by different means in order to eradicate tumor cells faster and more effectively. Support by GCRF will enable us to continue and intensify our studies. Without fundraising by GCRF it would have not been possible for us to pursue this work, in particular in the current funding situation and regarding the fact that we are just starting out as an independent laboratory. We anticipate that funding by GCRF will help us to obtain additional grants from other funding agencies such as the NIH or the ACS and we are extremely grateful for this opportunity.

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