The GIST Cancer Research Fund (GCRF) is an organization comprised of actual GIST patients or caregivers with family members who currently live with or succumbed to the cancer, on the Board of Directors and managing the organization. GCRF’s foundress, Tania Stutman, has passed her eleventh year as a GIST patient and strongly acts as Chairperson of the fund. All the members of GCRF are literally fighting for their lives or the lives of loved ones. 

Please download a copy of the GIST Cancer Research Fund brochure for a brief synopsis of the organization and GIST Cancer, GCRF Board of Directors, goals, events and research facilities.  

GCRF is about many things, all of which pave the way toward finding a cure for GIST. GCRF is about bringing together the GIST community toward a common goal, a goal that has become it’s name, GIST Cancer Research Fund. GCRF is about keeping it simple.  Doing the up-front work necessary to find the GIST researchers and then make sure that your donations make a difference right down to personally delivering the checks and visiting the GIST researcher’s labs. We invite you to read the letters, citations and even the speech by Congressman Benjamin Gilman (read the text below) that underscores, not only GCRF’s efforts to “get the GIST word out” to help others, but the gratitude expressed by those whom GCRF has been directing your donations. GCRF is about finding a cure for GIST and will not stop until that goal has been reached! GCRF Board of Directors

Tania Stutman, Chairperson
Robert Stutman, Treasurer
Dr. Aphraim Casper, Consultant
Julie Cramer, Director
Pamela Fedowich, Director
Wendy Kapiloff, Director
Dr. Markl Landesman, Director
Dr. John Leonard. Director
Bruce Torrey, Director
Alan Stutman Esq, Director of Legal Affairs