Gist tumor can be suspected and identified by carrying out some medical blood test. By doing this kind of test, gist tumor will be detected in order to find out the cure and treatment for the disease.

Do you concern much about your health? Do you have annual chek-up at the hospital to find the possibility of having a disease or sickness? If yes, you are doing good job on your health, if no you may need to know more about your health status. Because sometimes it is very hard to know our health problems without having checked at the hospital. To make the matter worse, you are absolutely not able to diagnose your tumors by your own naked eyes. It is necessary to check at a proper hospital. Tumor is popular these days due to many reasons. In this article, we are going to introduce about a type of tumor, which is quite common as well: gist tumor.

Have you ever suffered from tumor or gist tumor before? Is there anybody in your family having this kind of dangerous disease? If yes, you may know something of what to do, if no, just read carefully this article about gist tumor and be calm down. Everything has solution. Gist tumor is the short form of a gastrointestinal stromal tumor. It is one of the most common mesenchymal tumors of the gastrointestinal tract (1-3% of all gastrointestinal malignancies). The symptoms and signs could vary, however it is important to know exactly what you are having in your body. By taking the medical test, gist tumor can be diagnosed. Blood tests and CT scanning are crucial in order to diagnose gist tumors. But that is the basic diagnosis method in order to find out the disease of gist tumors. The sample of biopsy will be carefully checked and investigated under the microscope. The characteristics of GISTs (or gist tumor) will be identified by the histopathologist (spindle cells in 70-80%, epitheloid aspect in 20-30%). If the gist tumors are small, they can be easily found to the muscularis propria layer of the intestinal wall. For the bigger one, they may grow, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, depends on the growth of every single person’s gist tumor. Large gist tumors mainly grow outward, from the bowel wall until the point where they outstrip their blood supply and necrose (die) on the inside, forming a cavity that may eventually come to communicate with the bowel lumen.

Gist tumors are totally different from other causes for similar tumors, when GIST is indentified and suspected, the doctors or pathologist can use a special device called immunohistochemistry. That is a specific antibodies that stain the molecule CD117. This stuff is also known as C-kit. How to know that you are having gist tumor? It depends on some blood test results. Majority of all GIST (gist tumor) are CD117- positive. This number is around 95%. On the other hand, the other possible markers include CD34 CD34, DOG-1, desmin, vimentin and others). Other cells that show CD117 positivity are mast cells. Sometimes it could be very hard to identify the gist tumor due to the vague of some information. It is because the number of the CD117 in the blood. In the case that the CD117 stain is negative, we have to use another criteria to clarify the suspicion of gist tumor, the newer anibody DOG-1.

In conclusion, gist tumor can be suspected and indentified by carrying out some of the medical blood test.