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recently published paper in the AACR (the American Association for Cancer Research) Journal "Cancer Research". She identified histone H2AX as an important player in the successful therapy of GISTs with Gleevec. Increased levels of histone H2AX are required for the cells to be killed, which is an entirely new function of this protein that has not been recognized before. This finding could lead to new treatment options for GIST patients, especially those whose tumors have become resistant to Gleevec.

This is why the GIST Cancer Research Fund is supporting Dr. Duensing's innovative and extremely important work, and is so proud of her publication.

Dr. Anette Duensing, M.D. weighs in on "Why support by GCRF is absolutely critical" GCRF thanks Dr. Duensing for her crutial work and for keeping us informed – Read more–

GIST Research in the Duensing Lab by Dr. Anette Duensing, M.D.
Work at the
Duensing Labs
Gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GISTs) are a prototypical example of a solid tumor entity that was fatal in the past but that can now be successfully treated with a novel class of drugs, called small molecule protein kinase inhibitors. Imatinib mesylate (Gleevec) is the first and most prominent inhibitor that belongs to this group. Read More–

Great News !!!
Following a teleconference today with Dr. David Ota, M.D Surgeon and Researcher at Duke Clinical Research Institute The post-surgical GIST trial study will be closed as of 4:00PM, April 12, 2007, due to the positive response. That is very encouraging indeed.



The apparent conclusions are that there is statistically significant difference between patients receiving Gleevec verses placebo for the interval following surgery after 1 year.

Among the unanswered questions are, will adjuvant Gleevec prolong survival and how do the results correlate with mutational status and origin of tumor. An analysis of the genotype is planned and FDA Gleevec approval has been initiated.
This are exciting news to all of us!
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Progression of GIST
Charles D. Blanke, M.D., F.A.C.P.
GISTs are wholly resistant to standard chemotherapy. The discovery that they frequently respond when exposed to targeted biologic therapies was one of the most important cancer findings in the last 50 years.
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Pediatric GIST
Dr. Christina Antonescu, MD provides detailed information on the science behind her pediatric GIST research – Read More–



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Dr. Christine Antonescu, M.D. MSKCC Anatomical Pathology
has just provided a point-by-point list of reasons for donating to GIST Cancer Research and the Fund. There is no better way to help ourselves and our loved ones. Please take a look–





on Mutation


Having an understanding of mutation testing is important to GIST patients and thanks to Dr. Chris Corless, M.D, Phd., GCRF now has a detailed and informative FAQ list.
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Margaret VonMehren, M.D. provides insite to the importance of the support provided by The GIST Cancer Research Fund.
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