April 2007:  The Gist Cancer Research Fund presented a gift in the amount of $61,000 to the Heinrich-Corless Research Lab. The GIST Cancer Research Fund began donating to the lab in 2003 bringing the total donations to $176,000. Without these generous gifts the researchers would not be able to continue to help find a cure for this terrible disease.
The Pittsburg presentation was a big success and the donation made by GCRF was greatly arrpreciated.  Again, GCRF expresses thanks to all who donated to make this possible. We all share in our desire to support GIST Cancer Research and feel strongly that our efforts will help lead to a cure for GIST.
Included events were:
  • Welcome by
  • Patrick S. Moore, M.D., M.P.H.
  • Yuan Chang, M.D.
  • Directors, Molecular Virology Program
  • Update on GIST Research in Duensing Lab
  • Anette Duensing, M.D.
  • Research Assistant Professor, Pathology

April 25 – OHSU-Oregon, received a check for more than $60,000

Everyone who attend the roundtable discussions were able to meet with the GIST staff and specialists in a friendly, informal setting. Doctors were available to answer questions and to discuss the latest developments in GIST research and the struggle to overcome resistance, as well as to discuss your individual cases. Those who attended can attest to the wonderful, personal atmosphere of these events, where we got to meet each other in real time and speak to these outstanding individuals dedicated to the conquest of this disease.

Success! We, for the first time, provided Live Streaming Video of our presentation at Fox Chase Cancer Center.  Those who were unable to attend were able to join us, see/hear the check presentation and be a part of the Q and A between patients and doctors right from their home computer.  Seen below is Margaret VonMehren, M.D. accepting the GCRF check for $41,000 on behalf of the research team at Fox Chase Cancer Center.  Thank you to all who supported GCRF in making this possible and thank you to FCCC for the great work being done toward finding better treatments and a cure for GIST.

March 27 – FCCC’s Dr.James C. Watson joins GCRF’ medical board! Please join us in welcoming Dr. Watson.  We appreciate the time Dr. Watson took to share his knowlege and answer questions at the presentation.  His valuable input was supportive to all who attended.  Thank you Dr. Watson and Welcome to GCRF.

March 23MSKCC’s Dr. Sam Singer joins GCRF’s medical board!    With this recent email, we happily  share this great news.
Tania, it was a pleasure to attend your event and you should be congratulated for all your efforts in organizing the GIST Cancer Research Fund, Your funds continued support of Dr Antonescus research efforts has and will continue to advance therapy for GIST patients. I would be happy to join your medical advisory board and look forward to talking with you more in the future. Thanks again for all your efforts. Take care Sam.

March 21, 2007 – GCRF Presented a check for $61,000 to MSKCC
Thanks to all of you who donated and thanks to Peter Thomas.  We appreciate what he did and know his family will take some comfort in his accomplishment.

Your donations were presented today to Dr. Christina Antonescu, MD who graciously accepted accepted the check for $61,000 on behalf of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.  The money will be used for GIST, including pediatric GIST research.  Each person present told their story in brief and was able to openly ask questions of the doctors and other Gisters.  It was a touching, emotional and yet energetic event that has no where to go but to lead to a cure for GIST.

2007 MSKCC Thanked Everyone Who Donated Toward GIST Research, as GCRF Presented a $61,000 check

University of Pittsburgh 2007 Presentation of a Check for $25,000 – Thanks to Each and Every Donation
Pitt Researchers Receive Funding to Improve Treatment of Gastrointestinal Cancer 5/14/2007 7:48:32 PMTo better understand and improve a common treatment for gastrointestinal cancer, University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute researchers have received $25,000 from the GIST Cancer Research Fund a patient driven organization that funds research on gastrointestinal stromal tumors, or GISTs. These tumors occur in the gastrointestinal tract and are particularly difficult to treat successfully over time.

The award supports the research of Anette Duensing, M.D., research assistant professor of pathology, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Dr. Duensing and her colleagues are examining the mechanisms of action of Gleevec, a treatment for GIST that, although initially effective, does not stop tumors from growing long-term and does not work in about 15 percent of patients.

A large number of patients with GIST develop resistance to Gleevec about two to three years after being treated successfully, said Dr. Duensing. The goal of our research is to avoid and overcome resistance to Gleevec and to help patients achieve more long term remissions.

To improve the efficacy of Gleevec, Dr. Duensings lab is examining how cells respond to the treatment. She has identified a novel protein that appears to influence tumor cell response to Gleevec and is manipulating levels of this protein in GIST cells in an attempt to destroy tumor cells faster and more effectively.

The GIST Cancer Research Fund was founded in 2001 by Tania Stutman who was diagnosed with the disease in 1998. Since its founding, the fund has raised and awarded approximately $440,000 for GIST research.
Newsmaker: Dr. Anette Duensing – click here
By Luis Fabregas
Saturday, May 26, 2007