Our Mother (Mary Oster) was absolutely amazing! She was not a traditional mother, in a lot of areas which made her unique. She loved blaring Rock and Roll music throughout the house at all times. She also had a passion for trying her best to save every homeless animal she came in contact with. Even though at times our home seemed like a zoo, we loved that quality about her.

As her Daughter, she would often say to me, "That punk looking kid over there is cute" when most moms would want their daughter to be with a more preppy type of guy. She would ask my brother and myself if we wanted to get piercings or tattoos. She was always saying something crazy and we would look at each other thinking…Did our mom just say that? Then we laugh out loud to each other. I think because our mom was so free we never wanted to rebel like most kids. We were able to be ourselves, and our mom never made us feel like we weren’t living up to her expectations of us.  Our mom had a horrible childhood and she really tried hard not to repeat how her adoptive parents made her feel with their physical and emotional abuse. Most people repeat the cycle of how they were raised with their kids, but our mom kept pushing through and didn't take the easy path. Isn't that beautiful?

Our mom was a GED teacher for at risk students. Mostly students that had a hard life too and they were trying to get on the right path. She was very loved by her students. They often referred her to as mom, because she was so loving, but a firm teacher. She spoke their language and had their respect.

In December 2011, our mom decided to full heartily start taking care of herself by losing weight and quit smoking. We were so proud of her and we were rejoicing in the fact that she was committing to being healthy. She was hitting all her weight loss goals and she hadn’t had one cigarette. She was feeling great!

In February 2012, she was constantly ill and wouldn't go to the hospital. It was so bad that I told her, “I think you have cancer,” to push her to go to the hospital, not thinking that was her actual fate. She pleaded with me that she was trying to make it for my little brother’s 20th birthday and she promised to go after that. I could tell by her eyes she knew it was bad. She was diagnosed with cancer two days after my brother’s birthday and she passed away two months later at age 47.

Our mom was born November 27th, diagnosed with cancer on February 27th, and died on April 27, 2012. We had her celebration of life May 27 (before a friend connected all the 27s) and I was 27 when she passed. Our mom loved playing the lottery, so I think 27 is our lucky number.

I asked my mom before she died if she was going to haunt me, since we loved watching ghost shows together. We also thought we had a ghost in our house, due to multiple unexplainable events. With all the enthusiasm she could muster up at the moment she said strongly…You know it!!

We miss our mom’s vibrant and carefree personality terribly. It's hard comprehending she is gone.