Michele Scheiperpeter, who lived in Ventura, California for the last 8 years, passes away peacefully at age 52 surrounded by her family in her home in Ventura.  She grew up in Pacific Palisades where she attended Corpus Christi School, St. Monica's High School and Palisades High.  Michele met Carl Scheiperpeter of Pacific Palisades in high school.  They were married for 34 years.  They lived in Mar Vista some years before moving to Ventura.  After raising two children Michele went back to school at Northridge College where she earned a degree in Physical Therapy.  She was working in Ventura and Ojai prior to her death. She fought GIST Cancer for three years before finally succumbing to it.  In 2006 she organized the first west coast cancer walk to raise money for GIST Cancer research.  The 2007 walk was held on October 21st in San Diego.  She was a caring, loving person and was always there for her family and friends.  Michele was  a runner, a hike and loved camping.  Her favorite place to camp was along the Kern River in Kern County.  The last few years they camped along the coast in Ventura in their 5th wheel camper.  Michele was the daughter of Bonnie and Wally Miller of Pacific Palisades.  She is also survived by her husband, Carl, who works for the city of Ventura; her daughter Naomi who is a teacher in Boise, Idaho; her son Jason who works in Las Vegas, and a grandson, Jacob.  She has a sister, Lisa Miller that lives in Cambria, California with her daughter Rose, and son Brian.  She has one brother Jeff Miller, who lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife Colleen, and two sons, Brendan and Devon.

Michele was an angel of hope and inspiration.  The cancer brought us together but the connection went far beyond our disease.  We became soul mates and our hearts bonded together as we shared our thoughts and our fears about life and our situation.  We reveled in the joys and the milestones in each other's families which allowed us to gain strength from one another.  We spent many hours on the phone encouraging one another and we became more like sisters than friends.  We loved each other unconditionally.

During this time of grief, I know that it seems impossible to look ahead to any good that may come from the loss of Michele.  But this only intensifies my will and the will of all Michele's friends who loved her to move forward in her memory to find a cure.  Michele's impact on my life give me the inspiration to work even harder so that her death will not be in vain.

I'll always miss her and she will always have a special place in my heart.  As long as I live, she will be a part of my life.

I love you Michele.